Thomas Blanchard

Welcome, I’m a french business student looking for a 5 months sales internship in an english speaking country.

Hi, I created this website to show you my new coding skills. I am a French Business School student, from the European Business School in Paris. I’m looking for an internship from July/August to December, in the sales department of a company, in an english speaking country. I am creative, proficient and quick, I scored 88/120 on my TOEFL IBT Test. I already made a three months internship, for the BNP Paribas in Ho-Chi-Minh-City, Vietnam. During these three months I worked for the CIB department of the bank, helping a team of “senior bankers” It was my first international experience, working with people from all around APAC, and I learned a lot thanks to them. In March 18’ I spent one month in San Francisco, as a part of my program. During this month, I studied Design Thinking, Lean StartUp, Coding and Digital Marketing. I also decided to do a little more than my academic courses, so I’ve been in many pitching events especially in Google office. It was really interesting to saw people talking about theirs projects and theirs ideas. It was a good moment to also improve my personal network.

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Thomas Blanchard